• portrait of Christian Goettsch

    Christian Göttsch

    Founder & CEO

    Founder & CEO

    portrait of Christian Goettsch

    Christian started out in the Internet at the very early stages of the industry. He held various leadership roles at global players like Microsoft, Bertelsmann, AOL, and CompuServe, when they were at the forefront of the competition. He managed corporate headquarters positions as well as several field operations – but ultimately wanted create his own business. He founded Experteer with the Mission to be the No 1 source for high-end positions trusted by candidates & recruiters.

    Today Experteer is Europe’s premium career & recruitment network with more than 5 million professionals and executives, who use Experteer as their trusted source to the high end job market. Senior-level candidates can access more than thousands positions with salaries benchmarked at 60,000 € or higher, and confidentially network with thousands of recruiters across Europe. Experteer has a highly international team, with employees from more than 30 countries. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany

    Christian studied in Munich, Berkeley, and St.Gal. He holds a masters in business with distinction and completed a Ph.D. on ‘Business Strategy in the Online Industry’ during the heydays of the Internet.

  • portrait of Klaus Mantel

    Klaus Mantel

    Managing Director

    Managing Director

    portrait of Klaus Mantel

    Klaus is an internet business professional with a proven track record leading back to the early nineties. His areas of expertise are rooted in marketing, business development and sales. His vision and passion for the huge internet opportunity were ignited at CompuServe in 1994. He developed and deepened his profound management and operational skills along several management positions in the software and internet industry.

    Klaus loves to build and grow businesses in an international team spirit. He emphasizes sustainability, speed and focus. In his new role as Managing Director, Klaus oversees the B2B Sales division of Experteer. Since joining Experteer in 2007, he has also managed the Consumer Business and Marketing departments. Klaus is passionate about sailing, wine, design furniture and photography. Klaus studied business administration at the University of Bayreuth.

  • portrait of Thomas Kindler

    Thomas Kindler

    VP Product

    VP Product

    portrait of Thomas Kindler

    Thomas joined Experteer in 2016 as VP Product.

    Thomas gained his first professional experience at Deloitte Consulting. After this, Thomas worked several years in Product Management and Business Development at 3M. In his most recent role he was in charge for the Corporate Pricing, Product and Sales Operations Division for 3M. Before joining Experteer Thomas was Group Director at StepStone and led the global pricing and strategic project division. With a strong track record of successful global growth, change and innovation projects, he holds the overall product responsibility for Experteer.

    Thomas and his family relocated from Düsseldorf to the beautiful surrounding of Munich. Thomas likes skiing, biking and soccer and spend the majority of his spare time with his family.

  • portrait of Alexander Chukovski

    Alexander Chukovski

    Director Job Advertising Business

    Director Job Advertising Business

    portrait of Alexander Chukovski

    Alexander loves solving complex problems with new technologies, as well as developing and building new business models for internet companies. The focus of his team and his current work is to build the most comprehensive career service for high-level professionals and senior managers.

    A native Bulgarian, Alexander moved to Munich in 2006 to study finance and statistics at the LMU Munich and joined Experteer as a working student in 2007. During these 9 years at the company, having served in various roles, he developed core management skills and deep knowledge about the online recruiting business. In his current role, he is responsible for the Job Advertising Business of Experteer, and is currently developing key cooperations with leading job boards and job aggregators.

    Before that, he was in charge of building the data science and engineering department, focusing on the development of a robust and scalable data processing stack with the help of machine learning, semantic text mining and cutting-edge crawling technologies.

    In his free time Alexander enjoys riding his bike, running, or traveling around the world.